Unsolicited credit line increase

Inserted in my credit card statement this month, along with all of the other junk, was a letter informing me that my credit limit had been increased.  “Congratulations,” it reads, “because of your excellent account status, you’ve earned a credit line increase.  Now that your credit line has increased, you can make those purchases you may have been putting off.  Take a vacation, or get something special for yourself.  Whatever you choose, your higher credit line gives you more of the buying power you deserve.”

I got a good chuckle out of this one.  Although it’s nice to know that I could buy a new car if I had to, I just can’t understand why the bank keeps raising my limit.  It’s been years since I carried a balance on the card, so they have to know that I won’t even come close to charging the amount they’ve given me access to.  Do they think that if the limit is high enough I’ll start spending irresponsibly?  Weird.