Starting over

It’s been several years since I actively maintained this blog. I went through a bad time, mentally, prior to and just after the COVID pandemic during which I inadvertently lost much of what I had posted over the years. The text of the blog entries is in a MySQL database file that I can probably read if I put some effort into it. The pictures are gone.

That said, I’m finally coming out of my mental haze, and trying to get back on a more even keel. Time to re-start the blog.

As in the past, I’ll write about whatever is on my mind. Computer programming and wood working (carving, mostly) are probably my most frequent areas of interest, but there’s no telling what I might delve into.

Also note that the format here is likely to change in the near future. I just picked a basic theme to get started. Fiddling with formatting is not high on my list of favorite activities, so it might be a while.