Christmas ornaments

I finally finished the ornaments for the annual carving swap. This year I elected to participate in the smaller group of 12, rather than in the larger group (20 to 25). Here’s the whole batch:

Clicking on the picture will give you a much better (larger) view.

I think they’re all cute, but this one’s my favorite:

The carvings are all between two and two and a half inches tall. The wood is mesquite from the back yard. I did all of the carving with a knife (no power tools). The hat, eyes, nose, and tongue are painted with acrylics, and the entire carving is given a coat of orange oil and beeswax.

I hope the others who are participating in the swap enjoy them. I’m a little worried that I inadvertently joined the Santa Swap. So far I’ve received seven ornaments, and all of them are Santas. I suppose this could be a Santa Pup.