Salad claws

Salad claws are implements used for tossing or serving salad. They come in many different forms.

These claws are about four inches long and three inches wide, and are carved from two different pieces of yellow poplar. As you can see, one piece has a lot more of the greenish color that the wood is sometimes known for.

I cut the lighter-colored one out on my bandsaw several months ago. Actually, I cut two from the same board but then I made a big mistake carving one of them. I finally got around to cutting out another (this time with a coping saw), and finished both with a lot of hand carving and sanding.

Debra used them for the first time last night. Her report: they feel good in the hand and do a nice job tossing and serving the salad. The only drawback is that they’re a little too short, so she ended up getting salad dressing on her fingers.

I’ll make the next set a bit longer.