Bicycling Update

In early April I said that I was going to ride the Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred this month.  I started training, got distracted, and then started again seriously training in June.  Today is August 26 and the ride is this Saturday.  Tomorrow (Friday) I’m driving up to Wichita Falls where I’ll be camping overnight in a tent.  The ride starts at 7:30 Saturday morning.

I’m not as well prepared for the ride as I would have liked, but I don’t think I’ll have any trouble finishing the 100 miles.  The course is relatively flat and, despite the ride’s name, the weather forecast is for temperatures in the low 90s on Saturday.  My long rides (60 to 65 miles) the last four weekends have been in 100+ degree temperatures and except for one in which I forgot to drink enough water, I’ve finished the rides with no soreness and energy to spare.  As long as I remember to drink and keep myself fed, 100 miles won’t be a problem.

My bike computer read 16,788 miles in early April.  Today it sits at 18,145. I didn’t do as much training as I had planned, but it should be sufficient.  And I’ve been training on larger hills and in stronger winds than (if I’m to believe what others have told me) anything I’ll encounter in Wichita Falls.

It’ll likely be Sunday before I can post an update to say how I did in the ride.  I just hope I keep my wits about me and don’t go out too fast like I did in Waco back in 2002.