You’re fat. Who can you sue?

I knew it would happen, but I was kind of hoping I wouldn’t live to see it.  You’re Fat, Who Can You Sue? recaps the Surgeon General’s statements from early December (see my December 19 entry), and then goes on to imply that the food industry should be held at least partially accountable for our nation of fat people.  Although positioned as news, this article falls solidly in “advocacy” territory as far as I’m concerned.  It’s classic propaganda masquerading as balanced reporting.

Suing the food industry to recoup the costs associated with obesity?  Extort money from McDonald’s because you eat too many Big Macs even though you know you shouldn’t?  Steal Kellogg’s blind because parents don’t have the backbone to stand up to their kids and say “No” to the Frosted Flakes?  Why the heck not?  We did it to the tobacco companies.

This article and the whole idea of holding the food industry responsible for our obesity epidemic bother me in so many ways that I don’t know where to start.  Can’t people take responsibility for their own actions instead of trying to find somebody else to blame?  It’s not like anybody at McDonald’s is shoving that Big Mac and fries down anybody’s throat.

I feel a major rant coming on.