A bad joke

A former girlfriend of mine named Stacie had this albino cat that she named Faux Pas.  Everybody called the cat “Paws” for short.  Stacie lived in a first floor apartment facing the parking lot.  Every day almost without fail, Paws would sit in the window waiting for Stacie to come home, and when he saw her drive up and get out of the car he’d let go with a loud and happy “meow”.  I, of course, didn’t know about this when I first started dating her.  One day I came by and Stacie’s roommate Cindy let me in saying that Stacie had run down to the store for something or another.  We sat on the couch by the window, the cat between us, talking and waiting for Stacie to return.  When her car drove up, just before the cat let out his announcement of Stacie’s arrival, Cindy said “Meow, Paws, for Stacie identification.”