TriTryst nears completion

I’ve spent a lot of time this weekend on my rewrite of TriTryst.  The game’s functionality is complete now, at least the first version.  I have to write the online help, create some levels, and do something about the art.  Something that I didn’t realize before this weekend is just how hard it is to create a playable level.  I’m sure this problem isn’t limited to this particular game.  There’s a very fine balance between too hard and too easy, and you have to take into account your experience level as you’re working.  What I may find easy after years of playing the game, a novice may find very difficult.  This is one reason I’ve added the ability in the game for users to create their own levels.  It takes time to design and test a level, and a feel for what’s fun, too hard, or too easy.  Perhaps somebody who’s better at it than I am will create some levels and send them to me.

So how close is the game to done?  Barring anything unforeseen, I will have the first version of the game (With a new name. Any suggestions?) completed and uploaded to my web site by the end of January.