Stupid public service announcements

I’m not quite sure why I pay attention to the recommendation that I arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to my flight.  I had a 6:00 flight to Memphis this morning and decided to take a chance:  I got to the airport at 4:30.  At 4:45 I was through security and waiting in line for the deli to open.  Security is tighter, but not that tight.

One benefit of driving to the airport at that hour is that you get to hear public service announcements.  Radio stations have a quota to meet, I guess, but the regulation apparently doesn’t say at what time of day the announcements have to air.  So they string them together when only those of us dumb enough to be awake are listening.  My favorite this morning was a game show parody wherein pot heads try to answer simple questions.  The line is something like, “Okay Jenny.  For one thousand dollars, tell us, what is your first name?”  Of course she gets it wrong.  Cheech and Chong did that skit thirty years ago.

Let’s Make a Dope Deal

The Cheech and Chong skit was stupid, sure, but funny back when I was 12. The public service announcement isn’t even as funny as that. It’s just stupid.