Home Depot shopping spree

Home Depot is running a promotion this week:  for purchases of $300 or more, use your Home Depot charge account and make no payments and pay no interest until January 2003.  Now I’m not one to go buy stuff just because I get a good price or financing terms, but if I need something and I can take advantage of the terms, I’m there.  We’re finishing up the back room conversion (yeah, I know, I’ve said that before) and have been putting off buying all the finish stuff:  cabinets, tile, trim, doors, bathroom fixtures, etc.  We’ve been saying “real soon now” for a couple of months.  Heck, we were going to spend the money anyway.

It’s one thing to spend a couple hundred bucks here and there when you’re working on a project.  But to see it all in one big chunk?  Yikes!  That back room is costing a lot more than I thought it was.  Lot cheaper than having it done, though, even if it’s taking an absurdly long time to finish.