Monsters, Inc.

Debra and I went to an early showing of Monsters, Inc., the new Disney/Pixar movie this morning.  What a fine film!  The animation is, of course, spectacular, and the story is, as far as I’m concerned, one of the best in years.  It’s pure fantasy with a little good versus evil thrown in, and none of that heavy-handed social consciousness preaching that all too many films throw at us these days.  It’s the best movie I’ve seen in years.   

Oh, and don’t be late for the movie.  The animated short before the film is worth seeing.

Later:  Debra rented a couple of movies last night.  We watched The Mummy Returns this evening.  No great shakes, really, except that immediately after the movie was over Debra went into the kitchen and found a scorpion crawling around on the floor.  Spooky considering that scorpions were a primary theme of the movie.  (Come to think of it, the big bad guy in Monsters, Inc. was very scorpion-like.  Life is full of odd coincidences, isn’t it?)