My extended absence

So what can I say?  I had planned last Tuesday to catch up here, but anything I could say seemed entirely inappropriate or inconsequential in light of the day’s events.  And then I picked up a nasty case of food poisoning on Saturday that left me pretty much incapacitated for the next three days.  Today I was finally able to venture more than a few steps from the bathroom.  I’ve had minor food poisoning before–bad potato salad at a picnic–that gave me a headache and put me to bed early, but nothing to compare with what I picked up on Saturday.  This weekend’s case was astounding.  I had no energy at all on Sunday, and that evening I had a temperature of 104 degrees.  I was miserable all day Monday and Tuesday.  Bloom County was the extent of my reading material, and I couldn’t concentrate long enough to make sense of even a 30 minute M*A*S*H episode.  I’m all for relaxing now and then, but three days of complete physical and mental inactivity was nearly unbearable.  I can’t describe how happy I was to go back to work today and actually face a problem.

As if to make up for lost time, my brain’s been throwing out ideas right and left since I got up this morning.  I’ve got plenty to write about here, and plenty of new project ideas to explore.  I’ll keep you posted.