A painful lesson

Speaking of wind resistance

I set out on my bike this morning with the intention of riding at least 50 miles.  Heading south from my house, I faced a stiff (15 MPH or higher) wind.  I was feeling OK, though, and kept on going.  35 miles from home, when I finally turned around, I realized that the wind had taken more energy that I had anticipated.  10 miles later, I was on the phone trying to find somebody to come rescue me.  I finally reached Debra at work after I’d ridden another 5 miles or so, and she came to pick me up.

I should have paid attention at the 25 mile mark when I started getting tired climbing a small hill.  Had I turned around and headed home at that point, I would have had a good workout rather than suffering from mild dehydration and some serious muscle cramps.  Moral:  wind is a serious energy drain.  I’d made that ride before with little trouble, and I’m in better shape now than I was then.  But the last time there wasn’t any wind.