The never ending remodeling project

We’re still working on the back room.  When Debra got back we called the contractor and of course he’d scheduled other work, not knowing when we’d be ready again.  So I figured I’d finish the electrical work and the insulation myself.  Now, hooking up electrical outlets and switches isn’t too tough:  any reasonably bright person can get a book at Home Depot and learn how to do it.  What the book doesn’t teach you is all the tricks involved in planning where the wires go, and how to fish a wire across 10 feet of attic that has a 6 inch clearance.  It’s hot, sweaty, frustrating work, especially in the attic when it’s 100 degrees outside.  I know now why we pay electricians to do this stuff.  I’ve seen electricians do in a couple of hours what it took me two weekends to accomplish.  I saved some money, sure, but I also have the scars to show for it.