Movie review: Planet of the Apes

My employer, Catapult Systems, sponsors monthly Fun Events for the employees.  We’ll go bowling, see a movie, take in a ball game, go to the lake, or do some other activity.  It’s a good opportunity for employees to get together away from work and have a good time.  Yesterday we went to see the new Planet of the Apes movie.

This is not high cinematic art.  It’s a fun movie, but hardly a “good” movie.  Mostly it’s one big chase scene with periodic rest periods in which the characters can preach the evils of racism or express their stereotypical racist views.  The costumes are very well done.  The acting is mostly uninspired.  Charlton Heston (who starred in the original movie) makes a cameo appearance as an ape, and Tim Roth does an excellent job as General Thade, leader of the Apes’ military.

I wouldn’t pay full ticket price to see the movie.  Go to a matinee, or wait for it to come out on DVD.