Digging up the phone line

A week before the ditch digger came to make holes in the yard (see June 2), a guy from the telephone company came by to mark the locations of any underground utilities in the area we were going to be digging.  He dutifully noted that there were no electric, gas, or water lines in the area, and he marked the path that the phone cable takes from our house to the switch box over on the next street.  Imagine our surprise, then, when the ditch digger unearthed (and cut) what appeared to be a telephone cable far from the marked path.  Figuring it was an old cable left over from when the pool was put in (before we bought the house), we thought nothing more of it.  We came home this evening to find that somebody had made a splice.  Turns out that it was the line leading to our neighbor’s place.  Odd that it took them three days to find and fix the problem.

The power company came out this morning to connect the new underground wire to the service pole, and the electrician finished his work.  The plumber finished yesterday, and the drywall contractor comes in tomorrow to give us an estimate.  It’s actually coming together, and I’m getting impatient to have the project completed.  We have to put the project on hold temporarily, though, because both Debra and I will be gone next week:  she to help out a friend in Phoenix, and me to visit a client in Washington D.C.

I do need to get some pictures of this stuff before it all gets covered up.