Bicycle update

I’ve been biking a lot the last couple of months, trying to commute to work twice a week and do a long ride on the weekends.  I think I did too much too soon.  I cut back this week because my legs were perpetually sore, the tendonitis in my left leg was acting up, and I was always tired.  I didn’t ride last weekend, and this week I only did the commute to work once.  Letting up paid off.  This morning I rode 53 miles, and my legs felt fine.  The tendonitis only acted up once–when I was pushing it up a long steep hill.  Working on the new garden bed after doing 50 miles was hard (and hot–it got over 90 today), but I’m happy that I figured out why I wasn’t feeling well.  I guess I’ll just have to take this training a little slower so I don’t destroy my body.