A new fig plant?

When I was chopping fig yesterday, I noticed one stalk that still had a bud on it, meaning it’s still alive.  The stalk was about 3 feet long, so I chopped it into three pieces,  planted it in a pot of compost, and put the pot in the back room with Debra’s African Violets, where it’ll stay warm and get plenty of light.  I’m betting that at least one of the pieces will sprout.  I actually took a picture of the thing in case it does sprout, so I can have “before” and “after” images.  Of course, the “after” image will have a fully-leafed plant in a nice new pot, and be taken under optimal lighting conditions.  Kind of like the weight loss or hair growth ads you see in the magazines when you’re waiting for the dentist:  the “before” shot is an informal picture of a person wearing ratty clothes, and the “after” shot is a professionally-posed shot of a person in his or her Sunday Best.  Anything to enhance the contrast, I guess.