Movie reviews

What with my not feeling well (tooth still causing trouble), five days off, and cold wet weather, we watched a lot of movies over the last week.  We actually went to the theatre twice, and watched maybe 10 movies at home.  At home we do the whole movie thing:  popcorn, cokes, candy, lights off, sit together.  It’s a good way to spend a mini-vacation.  Anyway, some mini-reviews.

At the theatre

What Women Want with Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt.  Mostly a “chick flick,” but very funny until the end, which is typically sappy.  Mel Gibson is still one of my favorite actors, and Helen Hunt is, well, a babe.  But the movie still doesn’t answer the critical question:  Why would anybody do that (wax her legs) more than once?

Cast Away with Tom Hanks.  I really liked this movie, and Helen Hunt’s appearance is just an added bonus.  Tom Hanks is a Federal Express troubleshooter who gets stranded on a South Pacific island (more of a tree-covered rock) after the FedEx airplane he’s riding on crashes.  The movie covers events leading to the crash, his first couple of weeks (months?) on the island, and then skips ahead four years to his escape, rescue, and events that follow his return.  The movie does a reasonably good job of making you care about the character, and understand (as much as that’s possible for people who’ve never been truly alone) what somebody in that situation goes through.  Tom Hanks reportedly lost 55 pounds in order to do the movieā€”it shows.  He’s almost back to his old self.

On Video

My Dog Skip – Woof.  The Skulls – Ugh!  The Perfect Storm – Decent special effects.  Although in a storm producing 70 foot seas, you can hardly see your hand in front of your face.  You’d never see the wave that killed you.  Not a must-see, but the book is a must-read.  U-571 – Action-packed and very dramatic.  Very good.  Supernova – I thought I’d seen this one before.  The scenario is similar to some other science fiction/horror movie.  It’s better than the one whose title I can’t remember, but not by much.  Entertaining, but forgettable.  Rules of Engagement with Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson – Somewhat entertaining, but forgettable.