An ice storm

Today’s adventure actually started yesterday evening, when the temperature dropped to 20 degrees and it started raining.  The power went off periodically starting at about 5:00 pm and went off permanently at about 2:00 this morning.  When I woke up there was 1/4 inch of ice covering everything—trees, fence wire, the car outside, and blades of grass.  Many tree limbs broke under the weight, and those that didn’t break were drooping to the ground.  When the sun came out, it was a dazzling sight.  Debra took some pictures, which I will upload once we get the film developed.  (Yes, I know, get a digital camera.  We’ll have one in about 12 days.)  I stood outside for about 30 minutes watching and listening to the ice melt from the trees.  

Oddly enough, most streets didn’t ice over because the ground was still relatively warm.  It only got cold yesterday.  But bridges did ice over, and most schools and businesses were either closed or opened late, my dentist being a case in point.  Between the painkillers and antibiotics, I was able to isolate the offending tooth, but had to wait until the dentist opened his office at 2:00 this afternoon before I could get any relief.  A root canal isn’t fun, but it’s preferable to what I was going through.