I was talking with my older brother and sister a while back and the conversation turned to cartoons.  All three of us remembered a cartoon in the late 1960’s called Batfink1.  It was a spoof of the popular Batman series.  The hero (Batfink) was a real bat who had steel wings, a “super sonic sonar radar,” and super powers.  He and his sidekick Karate fought all kinds of evil villains, especially the dastardly Hugo A Go Go.  Batfink’s most memorable line, which he uttered in almost every one of the 100 episodes was “Your bullets cannot harm me, my wings are like a shield of steel.”

None of us had ever talked to anybody else who remembered the cartoon.  Worse, my wife and my sister’s husband always accused us of making the whole thing up.   Today I had a similar conversation and decided to go search the web.  I found quite a bit of information, most of it available at this web site, proving once again that you can find anything on the Internet.

If anybody knows where I can get videos of the episodes, please let me know.  I’ve found one possible source, a comic book shop in California, but I’m not sure they’re reputable.  I’d prefer a reputable dealer selling “official” goods.

  1. Batfink copyright Hal Seger Productions ↩︎