Working with ASP

I’ve been working with ASP (Active Server Pages) lately.  This isn’t my first experience with scripting web pages, but it’s the first time I’ve really studied the subject.  Previously I’d written just enough Java Script or VBScript to spice up a few web pages.  This time I’m looking at a serious server-side development effort, so I have to study the languages in more detail.

So far, I’ve concentrated on VBScript because that’s what my client wants.  Ugh!  The language is a mess, and the development tools are primitive.  Java Script appears to be a little bit cleaner as a language, but the development tools aren’t any better.  You’d think that we could get a better coding and debugging environment by now.

I’ve just started working with this technology, so it’s possible that I’m missing something fundamental.  I certainly hope so because from what I see now, it looks like it’s going to be a very frustrating few months with this stuff.