On a spoon kick

I’m really enjoying the spoon carving. I finished three more spoons the other night, all of which are eating utensils rather than decorative or serving spoons.

The spoon on top is from a piece of mesquite left over when I cut out the big soup ladle a couple weeks ago. I picked up a scrap to whittle on while I was waiting for the finish to dry on something else. The bowl is about the size of a half dollar, and not very deep. Maybe I could use it for eating a container of yogurt.

The maple spoon in the middle is the size of a normal breakfast spoon. I didn’t get it perfect, but it’s usable. Although you can see one spot where the wood is paper thin. I got a bit too aggressive with the gouge. I used that spoon at dinner last night. The slightly fuzzy feel of newly finished wood is oddly uncomfortable when you’re used to the perfect smoothness of stainless steel. I’ve heard that spoons used for eating get smoother with use. I hope so. In the future, I’ll use a finer sandpaper before finishing.

The spoon on the bottom is carved from a piece of fig. I should be a good spoon for soup or stew.

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