Pumpkin Patch

I started carving on this pumpkin patch back in October after I completed the third of my scarecrow figures.  Then I got bogged down with other things, or perhaps I was afraid to put this thing together.  If I didn’t try, then I couldn’t screw it up.  I did make some mistakes, but nothing fatal.

This is what I call a scrap pile project.  The pumpkins are carved from small bits of basswood that were left over from cutting out blanks for other projects.  The hay bales are cut from a piece of 1″ x 1″ maple that I found in the scrap box.  The scarecrow post is a piece of black walnut left over from the little whale I carved over a year ago.  The fence is oak from the whiskey barrels.  And the scarecrow and the base are from a chunk of scrap lumber I took off a pallet last year.  Amazing what a little sandpaper and paint can do, huh?

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