Getting attention the new way

So let’s say that you’re a musician on your way by airplane from Point A to Point C with a stop at Point B. Trusting the airlines to handle your luggage, you check your guitar. While sitting in the airplane at Point B you see the luggage handlers treating your guitar roughly, and when you arrive at Point C you learn that the guitar has been broken.

So you spend a year trying to convince the airline that they should make things right.  When your efforts fail and the airline says that their final response is “No,” you decide on a different plan of action.

Dave Carroll posted that video on July 6.  CNN reported on it two days later.  Since then, it’s been reported on several other major news networks and countless blogs.  Today, five days after the video was posted, it has over 2 million views.

As a coworker said, “never piss off a musician.”  I’m betting United Airlines wishes they had handled this differently.

1 comment to Getting attention the new way

  • marie

    you’d think that would be in the same category as a wise person once said about arguing with journalists: ‘never pick a fight with someone who buys their ink by the barrel.’



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